Donation Awards!

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Donation Awards!

Post by zurpy on Sat May 13, 2017 3:44 pm

***This is what you can choose to receive for donating but of course thank you so much! We are trying to improve our server and you just helped out a lot.***

VIP Rank: $15.00

VIP+ : $25.00

VIP MOD (30 DAYS): $30.00

VIP MOD (60 DAYS): $60.00

Juicy Vape: $1.00

American Vape: $2.00

Karambit Knife (of your choice): $1.00

Huntsman Knife (of your choice): $1.00

Butterfly Knife (of your choice): $1.00

Medical Vape: $1.00

Dragons Breath Vape: $5

Custom Job (3 SWEPS, 3 WEAPONS 3 ANYTHING ELSE): $15

Custom Donation: $(amount you want to donate)

(When something is bought contact staff on the server or an owner but you MUST show proof of purchase.)

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